“It’s just like finding a person of peace,” Delun whispered to Matt.
The two men were visiting the warehouse of a friend to pray over his new business venture. Afterward, they started talking about different marketing strategies.

Their friend’s previous business had been a small coffee shop. For the most part, he had simply waited for customers to come in. But with an online business, he noted, you had to go out and find new customers rather than wait for them to come to you. It was a lot of work — “just like finding a person of peace.”

Matt enjoyed his friend’s observation. Delun “got it.” Disciples must intentionally go out to find people who will be receptive to the Good News. A person of peace hears the Good News, receives it, and opens their oikos (family or relational network) to the gospel messengers.

Later Delun told Matt that he was going to talk with a potential person of peace he knew. “I’m going to talk to her and pass on Jesus’ instructions for making followers like we are studying together in Luke 10.”

Pray that Delun will see much fruit as he learns and follows Jesus’ example.