Two months into COVID-19, *Asad’s 7-year-old nephew got sick. He had a high fever and difficulty breathing. Asad and his extended family went to support his brother’s family. They decided to take the boy to the hospital but were denied access at the first COVID check-point. They had to return home.

The boy got worse. Unable to breathe, he was turning white. Everyone feared for his life. 
Asad, a follower of Isa al Masih (Jesus the Messiah), knew God was in control and had a plan for the whole situation, including his Muslim family. Through the Spirit’s strength and in front of everyone, Asad prayed, asking God to heal the boy in the name of Isa al Masih

Right away, Asad felt “a ‘tension’ leave the boy’s body,” and within a few hours his nephew asked for food. The following day, he was out playing with his friends! 

God is in the business of reaching people through His Word, His healing power, and His Spirit — all within the difficult contexts of our lives! Asad’s family witnessed the grace and power of God. Pray that as Asad follows up with them, they will also choose to become followers of Jesus.