Journeys into the Tazig region of the Tibetan Himalayas are purposeful. The ultimate goal of every trip is simple: discipleship. The Tazig team disciples people to Christ. This means that non-believers are in a discipleship process even before they choose to follow Christ. This process has many facets. The team evangelizes as they share Christ with people who have never heard of him. They follow up with those who are not yet believers but are being drawn (discipled) to Christ, and they disciple current believers and leaders. 

As they meet with people, the team looks for opportunities to share a testimony or a story from Scripture. One unique opportunity arose with their teammate *Pema’s younger brother. On their previous trip, Pema told his whole family that he was a believer. He shared his testimony and why he chose to follow Christ. While they weren’t enthusiastic about him becoming a follower of Jesus, they did not reject him. The whole team was excited for the opportunities Pema would have to share with his family. 

When they arrived in Pema’s village, the team was well-received by his family, especially by Pema’s brother Rinchen and his wife. They took care of them, fed them, and had them practically swimming in tea! For two days, Pema shared more of the gospel message with his brother and sister-in-law. 

*Rinchen and his family’s discipleship is just beginning. Just before Christmas, Rinchen traveled to spend time with Pema. He heard the Christmas story several times and began a discovery Bible study with his brother. Unfortunately, Rinchen’s trip was cut short, and they were not able to get through the whole set of Scriptures. Please pray that the truth planted in Rinchen’s heart will take root, that opportunity for further discipleship will not be long in coming, and that Pema’s whole family would be saved and become the first family from their valley to follow Christ together.

*pseudonyms used