When Ying Kai was a young student in Taiwan, he worked hard to pass an important exam that would enable him to get into a good middle school. He really wanted a new bicycle to ride 30 minutes to the new school, but doubted he would get it since his family was so poor. One day, however, as he passed his parents’ bedroom, he heard his father comment to his mother that he would buy a new bicycle for Ying. Ying was overjoyed. That night before bed, he asked his father for a new bicycle. But his father said “no!” Ying was perplexed but did not give up because he knew his father’s heart! As he persisted, his father finally said “yes.” The next day he had a new bicycle.

Ying says: “Because I knew my father’s heart, I never gave up. If I didn’t know his heart, I probably would have given up. So if we know our heavenly Father’s heart, we will have more confidence to do what He wants us to do.” 

God chooses you to save you and all those who belong to you. This is your heavenly Father’s heart. If you know his heart, then you will not give up asking Him for what is on His heart. The responsibility is yours – to witness to your own. Don’t give up! God will eventually save many of them.*

The Heart of the Father is the topic for Beyond’s first Nugget of 2020! Nuggets are free, online discipleship trainings led by experienced missions practitioners. This semester our Nugget training series will cover the essentials to building and sustaining a Church Planting Movement through a tool called “The Heart and Four Fields.” It’s easy to join. All you need is an internet connection, a device with audio and video capabilities, and a desire to participate. 

*excerpted from T4T: A Discipleship ReRevolution by Steve Smith with Ying Kai