Once or twice a month in East Asia, Amy has lunch with her friend May, primarily to provide May with an opportunity to discuss what she’s learning from God’s Word and how she is applying it in her life. For some time, Amy, a BEYOND mission catalyst, has had a strong sense that God has called May to be equipped for a more missional life than she ever imagined. She has resisted, however, with various objections. 

Despite that, Amy has gently continued to sow the seeds of what it would be like for May to live a shema* lifestyle. That means dropping bits of truth about God and his kingdom into everyday conversations and sharing her testimony with others. But May did not seem able to make the transition into sharing her faith with those around her.

Then something changed. Amy could sense it as soon as May arrived at the restaurant and blurted out: “Something incredible has been happening these past two weeks! You’re going to be amazed!”

“Super! Amaze me,” Amy said.

“It’s like God has flipped a switch inside me,” May said. She went on to explain that she had been having troubles with her apartment and cried out to God in desperate prayer. “Ever since then, he has released me from so many fears and anxieties. I have eagerly shared about God’s goodness and what I’m learning in His Word. And people are listening! Some have even asked questions!”

“I’m not making a special effort to share with so many people. I just really can’t help it,” she continued. “I have so much joy inside me, and God is so good. I share and share because this is such a precious life, and there is so much for people to experience. I just naturally want everyone to hear and know and encounter God, too!”

“Wow! That is amazing,” Amy replied. “Would you like to learn more about how you can follow through with people who show interest?”

“Yes, I think I’m ready for that now. No more objections!” May answered with a big smile.

In movements, everyone is involved in training others, and anyone interested can be trained. We train toward the goal of disciples of Jesus who obey him by making disciples who make disciples until His glory fills the Earth.

*Shema is the Hebrew word often translated “hear” but better translated “hear and obey” in Deuteronomy 6:4. Among movement catalysts, “shema statement” or “shema lifestyle” is often used as a shorthand description for a spiritually fragrant word or deed which invites but does not force a spiritual response to God.

*pseudonyms used