Donna* is training Vera*, a new follower of Isa al Masih (Jesus the Messiah) in SE Asia, to hear and obey God through Discovery Bible Study. 

A few months ago, as the two women read the story of Jesus calming the stormy waters, Vera’s eyes got very big, and she asked, “What made you choose this story for today?” Donna replied that she prayed each week and asked the Lord which story she should bring. 

Vera responded with amazement, “This story has happened to me this week!” She explained that some money had been stolen out of her purse while she was at work a few days before. This is significant as Vera is a poor, single mom who can barely provide for her family. She knew who had stolen the money, and, in anger, without thinking, Vera called her boss to report the theft. 

After the phone had rung twice, Vera heard a voice that she immediately knew was the voice of Isa. “Vera, stop,” she heard Him say. “Don’t you trust me? Don’t say anything to your boss. You must be quiet and calm.” She obeyed and immediately felt peace, joy, and even sadness for her co-worker who stole the money. 

After reading the Bible story with Donna, Vera said she learned that Jesus allows us to experience turbulent times so our trust in Him will grow, and no matter how big the storms we face day to day, Isa remains calm and in control. He is not surprised by them, and He is powerful enough to handle anything that comes our way! 

Soon after, Vera accepted a job with a better working environment and hours that allowed her to spend more time with her son. Before she left, however, Vera shared with her co-workers, including the man who stole from her, that she was a follower of Isa. They scoffed at her, and one person told her she would have a spell cast on her for going against Islam. 

Vera is encouraged that some of her new co-workers are also followers of Isa. They even have the chance to pray for and encourage one another at work.  She sees all this as the Lord’s provision.  Vera continues to grow in her love, trust and obedience to the Lord through weekly Discovery Bible Study  and is growing in her vision to reach her people with the Good News!