If you’ve ever wondered how to simply, yet effectively disciple people, then our next Nugget training on how to use the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method is for you. The following is a testimony from a previous attendee of the DBS Nugget training.

I really enjoyed that Nugget training about DBS! After attending that Nugget, I prayed and asked the Lord to send me two or more people to start a group with. On January first, I called my dad, and as he told me about his New Year’s resolutions, he said he would like to put God first this year. (My family are not born-again believers or churchgoers, but my dad is seeking, and the rest of my family is open/ interested in listening.)  When he said that, I offered to start a Bible study at their house. He was all for it! And we actually had our a first DBS gathering about two weeks ago. It went so great! At least I think it did. Everyone was participated, and there were great insights shared, and everyone actively acknowledged (without my help) that they were created to walk in love and obedience to God, who is their Maker. I mean . . . coming from my family, this was crazy cool to be a part of!!

One of my prayers for this gathering was to trust the Holy Spirit to speak to my family, teach and convict them. And this certain Martin Luther quote had just been on my mind, “I did nothing. The Word did everything.” And I prayed about that, for the Word to do everything, and I really felt that’s the best way I could describe that first study. It was awesome seeing the Holy Spirit teach through the Word.  Everyone said they were excited about the next study!

I really enjoyed this method of study SO MUCH! I’ll definitely keep these Stories of Hope handy- thanks for sharing those and for that DBS nugget!