You, an ordinary person, were designed to walk in the extraordinary power of God we see in the Bible. But do you know how to do that?

In our sincere desire to see God move in our personal lives, our churches, and our ministries, our first recourse is often to examine the methods of what is going on. The methods are important . . .. But that should not be where we look first. Rather, the Hidden Mover behind every movement is the Holy Spirit. He is the assumed but often not discussed force in our work.

Though we know that the Bible says to walk in the Spirit, the majority of Christians are illiterate (and even nervous) about how to practically live in His power. The result is lives marred by continued brokenness and ministries plagued by fruitlessness. In contrast, believers from Acts understood the ancient path of the Spirit Walk. That extraordinary power was not just for them, but for us also.

Gleaning insights from implementation in dozens of Acts-like movements around the world, Spirit Walk “lifts the hood and shows us the real secret behind apostolic, disciple-multiplying movements” (Neil Cole, author of Organic Church). Whether you need a movement of God in your personal life or in your ministry, Spirit Walk takes you through the timeless principles of the Bible.

This is the vital message God has given Steve Smith, Beyond’s Global Movement Catalyst, to share with the body of Christ as a whole. Steve’s passion for the Church to grasp this critical concept is such that, despite an arduous battle with cancer, he is pressing on, circulating this transformative message through genuinely taxing days.

His family says it best: “We think that it was no coincidence that Steve finished this book one week before being diagnosed with cancer. From all over the world we are receiving word of how Spirit Walk has changed lives to enable believers to experience the intimacy with God they desire along with the power of God to fulfill His call on their lives. One woman said this has been the most transforming book in her life apart from the Bible.