Recently, Wilson, one of our field workers got to meet with Mr. Suni, a local worker. Mr. Suni was born and raised a Muslim with very strong convictions about his faith. Upon graduating high school, he joined a hardcore religious group that trained him to be sent out as a “Muslim missionary.” In his first two-year assignment, he was tasked with converting people to Islam on one of the islands.

One day he heard a radio broadcast story about Jesus. He called into the radio station seeking to know if the things he was hearing about Jesus, so different from what he’d been taught, were true. After months of Mr. Suni pursuing truth and the lady at the radio station faithfully answering his questions, he renounced Islam and put his faith in Jesus!

The lady that answered those calls is now his wife and they now live and serve P-city, aiming to bring the Good News there.

It is amazing that God can change even the hardest of hearts and is now using Mr. Suni to draw others to Himself! Pray that our local partner, Danny, and his team will be able to work together with Mr. Suni in the future to engage this extremely devout Muslim area.

We hope these stories are as encouraging for you as they are us in showing God’s faithfulness to answer prayer.


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