There are many forms of modern slavery, but they all involve the control and exploitation of human beings for commercial gain. Modern human slavery is a global problem that is growing yearly, but it is difficult for those of us living in the West to understand how human beings are still bought and sold for slave and child labor or sex work today.

Every day, men, women and children are transported across the Indian subcontinent and forced into slave labor or sex work. According to last year’s Global Slavery Index, over 18 million people are living in modern slavery in India. Most of them are forced to work in brutal farming and factory conditions. Although there are no official figures on how many people become victims of sex trafficking, activists estimate the number is somewhere between three and nine million. Because trafficking is under- reported, however, the numbers are probably much higher.

India is also a destination for women and girls smuggled for sexual exploitation from neighboring countries. Indian women are trafficked to the Middle East for the same purpose. Indian migrants who willingly travel to the Middle East and Europe to work as domestic servants and low-skilled laborers may also end up in the human trafficking industry by falling into situations of forced labor or debt bondage.

Although India has passed laws making trafficking illegal, they are not widely enforced. Numerous humanitarian and Christian groups are currently trying to rescue trafficked people. This can be a very dangerous endeavor, as they are dealing with an underground criminal network.

DIWALI DAY 3 Diwali (the day of the new moon) THIS IS DIWALI’S MOST IMPORTANT DAY.

The whole house is cleaned to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. Men and women put on new clothes and women wear new jewelry. In the evening a puja (ritual) to Lakshmi is performed, and diyas (oil lamps) are lit inside and outside the house. Gifts and sweets are exchanged to strengthen bonds with friends and family. Later in the evening, firecrackers are set off to banish inauspicious forces.

When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers. (Proverbs 21:15)



  • PRAY THAT the criminals who traffic and exploit women and children will be exposed and brought to justice.
  • PRAY FOR protection for the Christian organizations who are trying to help and rescue trafficked women and children.
  • PRAY FOR the hearts and minds of the victims, that they will find the God of all comfort.

From The Hindu World Prayer Guide

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