We’re catalyzing a dynamic disciple-making and church-planting movement among core Theravada Buddhist peoples of Laos and northeastern Thailand. Join us in this work, and help the unreached glorify God!

Project Summary:  This project seeks to glorify God by catalyzing a movement of disciple makers and church planting among the mainstream Theravada Buddhist peoples of Northeast Thailand and Laos.  The core mission is to train, mentor, coach and equip local church leaders in the paradigm and practices of disciple and church multiplication through training and ongoing mentoring.  It is expected that these local church planters and church leaders together with their teams will start simple, reproducing churches which impact their communities and reach out in mission to other people groups.

Key Activities from October 2017 to September 2018:

  • 1) Host Isaan Disciple Making Training Events: Hosting disciple and church multiplication trainings in Northeast Thailand (Isaan). Special events for trainers and mid-level Training for Trainers (TOT) events. Follow-up one day mentoring visits.  Local host church makes a contribution to the costs of these events.
  • 2) Prayer and Worker Mobilization: Produce the Isaan prayer guide in another language. Establish a 1 to 3 year mentorship for expat missionaries for on-the-job equipping of CPM equipped workers for ministry among the Isaan and other UPG’s.
  • 3) Hug Isaan Network: Continue to expand on and encourage the one tambon one church end vision.
  • 4) Print Scripture Portions of Mark and Genesis: using the Thai Standard Bible – United Bible Societies of Thailand.  Equip evangelists how to use these Scripture portions in evangelism and starting seeker groups.  These portions will be given away free.
  • 5) Create and Post Video Clips of Bible stories: Produce short video clips of accurately told oral Bible stories for the support of discipleship groups.

What We Need
  • $14,500

    Training Events

  • $3,000

    Prayer & Worker Mobilization


    Hug Isaan Network

  • $4,000

    Scripture Printing

  • $2,500

    Bible Video Creation


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