We want to give print and audio Bibles to more unreached people every day. Our goal is to build a $50,000 fund to send urgently needed Bibles to further the gospel’s reach throughout the world.
How does your donation help?

Your gift will equip new disciples and seekers with their very own Bibles. Beyond currently focuses on six primary regions for Bible distribution, and we’ve seen incredible results. In North India, we’ve seen thousands of new disciples of Jesus baptized and over 3,000 churches started—all in under 3 years. And the Word of God is the foundation for this miraculous shift!

In many areas, impoverished people can’t afford Bibles. Many are illiterate, so we supply the people and their churches with audio Bibles. This helps us reach each every person in their native tongue, as well as connect with oral learners, who make up the majority. As a Beyond leader in North India explains, “We’ve distributed hundreds of Bibles and audio Scriptures within the movement, but the continual feedback is that more Bibles are critically needed.” And this need extends to other regions where we work.

What do we purchase with your donation?
  • $50

    Supplies 15 believers with their own Bible, provides three solar-powered audio Bibles, or helps broadcast Scripture on air to disciple believers.

  • $100

    Provides 30 printed Bibles, six audio Bibles, or helps broadcast Scripture.

  • $250

    Equips a newly established church with 75 printed Bibles, 15 audio Bibles, or helps broadcast Scripture to disciple new disciples!


Your chance to change the world!

Because of friends like you, tens of thousands have already come to know Jesus Christ through Beyond’s impact! But there are so many who haven’t yet heard the life-transforming Gospel. That’s why we are calling on all who believe to join us today…

Will you pray beyond? Will you give beyond? Will you go beyond?