2018 North Texas Giving Day from Beyond on Vimeo.

How can YOU make an eternal difference in someone’s life?

By contributing to Beyond on North Texas Giving Day, you will be helping to prepare those who will carry the gospel message to the world’s darkest spiritual places.

Not everyone is called to go to these difficult places, but all Christians are called to contribute in some way to help fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission.

Why should I give on North Texas Giving Day?

When you give to Beyond through North Texas Giving Day you enable us to train and teach North Texans to become the kind of disciples God commissions all of us to be in Matthew 28:19. Through our Phase 1 Training program we train people to start spirituals conversations with confidence but we also train them on how to start movements that start movements. A tiny movement that starts in a little town in North Texas can eventually impact a forgotten, unreached people group like the Khmer in Cambodia. Don’t miss this opportunity to impact the world with the Unstoppable Gospel.