How Hindus See Christianity

An important factor in reaching Hindus with the gospel is understanding how Hindus view Christianity.

In India, Christianity is largely viewed as a foreign white man’s religion brought in with British colonialism. In the minds of Hindus, Christianity and Western dominance and oppression went hand-in-hand. Becoming a Christian therefore meant strengthening British rule in India. When India was fighting for its independence from Britain before 1947, most Indian Christians did not support the movement. This was and is still seen by Hindus as disloyal to India, which has led to a mistrust of Christians and a negative attitude towards Christianity.

For many Hindus, converting to Christianity is considered an attempt to erase their ancient culture, of which they are very proud, and replace it with Western morals and values which they deem inferior. Even Mahatma Gandhi, who praised some aspects of Christianity, saw the religion as divisive, pitting families against each other and destabilizing and denationalizing Hindu society.

Many Hindus believe that a strong India is a Hindu India. Hinduism and Hinduism alone must be embraced if India is to take its place on the world stage. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), India’s current ruling party, strongly advocates for this idea.

While many Hindus are attracted to Jesus and his teachings, they reject institutionalized Christianity and view attempts to evangelize Hindus as hostile acts. They see our claim that Jesus is the “only way” to God as the height of arrogance.

We put no obstacle in anyone’s way, so that no fault may be found with our ministry. 2 Cor 6:3


PRAY THAT those working with Indian Hindus will understand how India’s colonial history has shaped their views of Christianity so they can better represent Christ.

PRAY THAT Hindus may have their eyes opened to see Jesus as opposed to the institutional forms of Christianity.

From The Hindu World Prayer Guide

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