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Preferenced Gifts: While a donor may express a preference for a gift, IRS regulations state that tax-deductible gifts must be under control of the non-profit organization. 

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BEYOND has a $100,000 Challenge Grant to help reach Every People, Every Place with the gospel. Many aspects of life have changed.  One thing has not.  God is on the move among the Unreached.  Not hampered by the current pandemic.  Opportunities for BEYOND’s teams to help people physically and spiritually have increased.  And thousands of new baptized disciples are now in our Heavenly Family. Yes, BEYOND’s teams have felt the effects, but they are pressing on.  As one team leader said, “Our end goal is unchanged: to launch cascading movements of disciples making disciples.” Join us in this special opportunity to meet the challenge generously donated by a group of BEYOND donors.  BEYOND is pressing toward placing a multiplication strategy team among every Unreached People Group.  You can change lives and whole communities in areas with little or no gospel access, making an eternal difference. Will you ask the Lord how He may be challenging you to join Him through BEYOND with this effort? Those who live without ever even HEARING the name of Jesus are waiting.

24:14 is a global coalition working together to engage every unreached people and place with church planting movement efforts by 2025. Your funds will primarily help indigenous workers to start new movements in unreached peoples and places.


Through the work of Beyond workers, and particularly the faithful efforts of our Indian brothers and sisters, over 40,000 churches have been established, and more than 200,000 have been baptized, in the last seven years in India. This is all new fruit among previously Hindu and Muslim households. What’s the key to such fruit? It’s simple—the Bible!
Thousands have come to faith through reading, or hearing, the Word of God, applying it to their lives, and sharing the Scriptures with others. Hindus and Muslims have never before heard such beautiful Truths as contained in Scripture (God incarnates to save sinners, not destroy them!). Ten Bibles costs $50.
Most of this work is among the rural, semi-literate and illiterate regions. In this case, we distribute rechargeable speakers containing the Bible in story-form, so they can listen to Scripture, apply it to their lives, and share it with their neighbors. The speaker-Bible is a powerful tool for both reaching the lost, and for maturing the new churches. Five speaker-Bibles cost $70. Will you help us continue to feed God’s Truth to the spiritually-hungry, unreached peoples of India?


Gifts to this fund enables Disciple-makers to help people in practical ways, like keeping them from starvation in parts of the world where no work means no pay and no pay means NO FOOD for TODAY!


The devastating, massive explosion in Beirut on August 4th sent shockwaves throughout the world.  Already in turmoil from years of economic and political hardships, now hundreds of men, women and children are dead or missing. Hundreds of thousands are homeless. Others face food shortages because of the long-running CoVid19 situation. But God is on the move in the midst of the heartbreak and ruin.  Join with Beyond’s disciple-makers on the ground to help people in ways they need it most right now.


This project seeks funding to train, mentor, coach and equip local church leaders in the paradigm and practices of disciple and church multiplication through training and ongoing mentoring. Current activities through September 2020 include hosting ongoing local peer to peer community of practice groups, training team equipping, starting new training cohorts, annual community of practice gathering for all of Thailand, community “push” events, and producing short video clips of well done oral Bible stories as a resource for disciple makers.


Over 400 million people live in the North Africa Middle East region. The vast majority of them have no access to the good news of Jesus. Your funds to this project provides funding for equipping and coaching Church Planting Movement catalysts in North Africa and the Middle East.


Beyond is vitally invested in seeing both men and women equipped, coached, and growing in the implementation of Disciple Making Movements among the Unreached People Groups. To date, there have been Women2Women DMM trainings in Bali, Turkey, Bosnia, Bali again, and Los Angeles. Women2Women DMM Trainings afford women the opportunity to see other women as trainers, implementers, coaches as they choose to walk out Holy Spirit dependence.To Model-Assist-Watch-Love/Coach in the simplicity of the greatness of Jesus modeled ways of making reproducing groups of disciples is the privilege to which we invite you to partner in funding.


Operating in SE Asia this project is a partnership with national leadership to see the UPGs of the region engaged through the  training of “near culture”  workers to become equipped as movement catalysts.  This project has also been an outlet for several large disaster response efforts in the region that have opened up new areas of engagement.


Funding goes to see a growing, vibrant, self-sustainable North Korean Church that is holistic, healthy, and Christ-centered.