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MULTIPLY: A Disciple-Making Movements Summit

Does God have a plan to make multiplying disciples among the most Gospel resistant peoples in the world? Yes He does, and it is happening right now. Come and meet the disciple makers and learn how the same strategy could be used to make disciples of your hard-to-reach neighbors. Featuring Jerry Trousdale & Roy Moran … Continued

Phase 1 Training

Here’s Why You Need to Join our Phase 1 Training from Beyond on Vimeo. Phase 1 training is an excellent way to “try it out”: to see disciple making movement (DMM) principles modeled and learn by doing. This fall, Beyond is offering an Online Phase 1 Training Cohort that will meet every other Tuesday evening … Continued

Nuggets: Free Online Trainings

Nugget Trainings are FREE and happen online. Watch the video and learn more about Nugget Trainings What’s in a Nugget? from Beyond on Vimeo. Sign up and we’ll Notify you about Upcoming Nugget Trainings   * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name

Nugget Training #17: Drawing the Lost to Jesus – Whose Job is It?

Whose Job is It to draw the lost to Jesus? Jesus commands us to go and make disciples of all people groups, but he was also very clear about what God’s role is and what is our role. Most people who participate in this lesson breath a sigh of relief as they feel a tremendous … Continued