Los Angeles, CA, February 19-21, 2018

Women 2 Women Church Planting Movements (CPM)/Disciple-Making Movements (DMM) Training

Women 2 Women Church Planting Movements (CPM)/Disciple-Making Movements (DMM) Training in Los Angeles, California

– Discovery style “First Steps” Level 1 for women  representing  all  missions’  organizations and ministries

Have you ever wondered how you might contribute to starting a rapidly multiplying discipleship movement?

Would you like to engage more with people in your local community but don’t know how to begin?

Maybe you just want to know more about Church Planting Movements (CPM)/Disciple-Making Movements (DMM)?

Course Description:

This training introduces women to the first steps of DMM: vision casting, prayer, finding and engaging persons of peace, and how to lead a discovery study that can multiply.

Ø     During the 3 Days training there will be opportunities to consider personal points of engagement fitting to your unique season in life. 

Ø We will have opportunities to go out in the community to practice finding Persons of Peace together.

Ø      The trainers/coaches are all UPG field women who practice CPM in their respective fields of service.

Ø This particular Women2Women DMM Training is open to all women who desire to see the launch of cascading movements to Christ among their respective population segments: USA based general foci, SEAsian UPGs foci, other UPGs foci.


9 am-8pm Monday, February 19th

9 am-8pm Tuesday, February 20th

9 am-5pm, Wednesday, February 21st

Please arrange to be there no later than 9am Monday. All of the training builds upon each lesson.

Location: Los Angeles, California (Specific location TBA)(This training is endorsed by IMPACT Indo-Malay world conference)

Costs: $75 Conference costs (includes helps subsidise meeting room). Personal costs not included in above price: your flights, housing, local transport fees, lunch, dinners.

Registration and payment contact:  Limit of participants: 50 

Lauren Strang

DMM Women2Women Registration

Conference Coordinator


cell: 717-725-4707


Women 2 Women DMM Training Team

R Nyman (Rhonda)-Lead Trainer-DMM trainer/coach/implementer among Muslim UPGs

Sari-Trainer/Coach/Implementer among Hindu and Muslim UPGs

Betsy Brown-Worship facilitator/coach/implementer in DMM

Dottie Collins-Intercessor/coach/implementer DMM

Jacquie Whisler-DMM Coach/Implementer

Rebecca Heidenreich-DMM Coach/Implementer

Lula Filbert-DMM Coach/Implementer

Lorena Wood-DMM Coach/Implementer

~R Nyman (Rhonda)- Beyond-Women2Women Lead Trainer DMM Trainer/Coach/Practitioner

R Nyman and her husband, James Nyman, are DMM trainers/coaches/implementers as they serve with Beyond (www.beyond.org) in SEAsia among Muslim UPGs. Their family has served since 1991. Their passion is to see God glorified in the launch of cascading movements to Christ among these peoples. R  facilitates Women2Women CPM/DMM Trainings internationally as well as attempts to give a glimpse of the processes of implementation of DMM/CPM in the blogspot www.womeninchurchplantingmovements.blogspot.com

For further information contact carmichaeltrotter@gmail.com

“Building movements of spiritual multiplication will require that both men and women work in partnership, bringing their uniqueness and skills toward this common goal. Just as both are required to bring a new life into this world, movements will not be built without the active involvement of men and women in our ministries.”-LL

“Imprinting what the Father would desire among national target women and their oikos’ in missions is largely predicated upon how seriously we embrace the privilege to more effectively train and equip female missionaries to the work of His hands.” -r