Join us Online , Monday, April 30, 7:00-8:30 PM CST

Nugget Training #12: How to Have Spiritual Conversations with Muslims

Why is it that we don’t often hear of Muslims coming to faith in Christ?

Are they resisting the truth, or are we resisting getting out of our comfort zone and sharing Jesus with them?

In our next Nugget Training, two of our workers will discuss their experience with ministering to Muslims. We often assume Muslims want nothing to do with spiritual conversations, but this training will help break down that misconception. In reality they tend to be open to friendships, and are happy to have these types of conversations.

Come learn from our team who has served in South East Asia among Muslims for over twenty years, and discover practical ways you can engage your Muslim neighbor in spiritual dialogue. Our team will share helpful “Do’s and Don’ts” of interacting with Muslims. God is doing something miraculous among Muslims all around the world, will you join Him?

Join us and invite a friend to join you.¬† Perhaps you’ll learn something new and you can start applying what you have learned right where you are!