Acting Beyond August 1, 2017

Sauls to Pauls

There was an Afghan man that would come to an Athens refugee center regularly named Ali.  He was devout in his faith and threatened anyone he saw that showed interest in Christ or asked questions.  He actually beat people at times and even threatened his own extended family when they became close with many of those on staff at the center.

This is the testimony from Beyond’s team serving at the center:

In January, Ali gathered a group of Afghan men and surrounded an Iranian believer (regular volunteer at our center named Fardin) and said he needed to come do namaz (Muslim prayers) or they were going to kill him.  Fardin had already been beaten so badly he was hospitalized for his faith, so he knew this wasn’t an empty threat.  Fardin told them he didn’t do that anymore, so they responded they were going to kill him.  Thankfully some people came and broke it all up before they could hurt him.

A few months after this incident Ali had an extended family member that really needed help.  Ali’s family asked him for help, but he wasn’t able to do anything and was thus shamed in front of his family.  We were able to intervene and help the family member, but we didn’t do it directly.  We provided Ali with the resources necessary to help.  The next day Ali asked to speak privately to me.  I was sure he was going to ask for more help, but instead he said with tears in his eyes, “You covered my shame by allowing me to be involved and you restored my honor.  I will never forget this.”  After saying that he left.

Last month, Fardin was leaving our refugee center and heard Ali shout, “Hey Fardin.  Come over here.”  Fardin said his stomach dropped and he wondered if he was going to get beaten again, and he even asked God why He let Ali find him again.  When Fardin approached Ali, Ali threw his arms around him and called him brother.  Ali said, “We are brothers now!  I believe.  I love Jesus!”  Fardin stood there with his mouth opened, shocked at what had just happened.  Ali said, “Why do you look so surprised?  God is big!  I believe!”

We serve a God that is actively turning hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.  He is still in the business of turning Sauls into Pauls!  We get the extreme privilege of serving a God who is alive, active, and moving and who is longing to lavish His love upon us.  Be encouraged hat no heart is beyond God’s reach!

New Believers Start House Churches Within a Week

Brother Singh told Raj a few months ago about his Lord Jesus. This is Raj’s testimony:

That time, I was facing so many problems. I shared all my problems with Brother Singh, and he understood that my life was in very tremendous situation. He prayed for me, and he assured me that Jesus can do better in my life. He gave me one speaker [a creation-to-Christ story set copied onto a SIM card in played through a small speaker] and said to me, “Use this speaker every day and hear the Word of God.” I started to hear these stories with all my family members. From this [speaker], my whole family and I decided to be followers of Jesus Christ.

After six days, one of my brothers came to me. His name is Nate. He asked about that speaker. I told him, “This is the word of the true God, who was crucified for me and all of us. If you believe on Him, then He is able to give you salvation, peace and eternal life.” Nate was shocked because these things were fully new for him. He couldn’t say anything about Jesus but [only] “May I have this speaker?” I said ok, that I could give it to him, but only for two days. Nate brought it to his home and started to hear the stories. The next day, he came back to me and said “It’s amazing. I believe that He is amazing God, and I want to a part of His kingdom.”

Together, we decided to spread these things to our relatives, and so we did. After one week, we both started two new house churches with our relatives and 22 people have [now] taken baptism from those families. I am so thankful for the Lord Jesus who filled my life with His joy and blessings.

We at Beyond joyfully praise God over this precious testimony of obedience. You can help support increased growth among the Unreached People Groups (UPGs) of India and beyond. Contact us at to learn more.