Day 2: The Loba from Nepal

Chimmi is from the Loba tribe. He was born in a remote village in Mustang, Nepal, a northern region that borders Tibet. Raised in a Buddhist family, Chimmi attended school near his home, and then studied further in a nearby city.

Chimmi believed in karma, the idea that good actions are rewarded, and bad actions diminish the good rewards. Chimmi tried to be a good person and earn good merit but he found it difficult. In frustration, he gave up on karma and pursued some illegal activities. He ended up in prison for his actions. Chimmi’s family was ashamed and abandoned him. Chimmi asked himself, “Why did this happen? Is it because of bad karma that I am in this situation? Where is my good merit?” He felt hopeless.

In prison, Chimmi met two brothers who had become Christians. They visited Chimmi and gave him a booklet about the life of Jesus which Chimmi read over and over. He began to see his life differently and understand that Jesus loved him and suffered for all of mankind.

Chimmi asked the brothers for a Bible. Soon after, he was pardoned and released from prison. He returned to his family to share his new faith with other Loba and they too have become believers. Chimmi has continued to share his faith and many others in his community have come to believe in Jesus too.


Pray for the Loba people and other Buddhist people who have few opportunities to hear the gospel. (ACTS 1:8)

Pray for the few Loba Christians and those who disciple them. (ROMANS 10:15)

Pray for Buddhists to experience salvation by grace as described in EPHESIANS 2:8-9.

Sourced from the Buddhist Prayer Guide

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