Day 15: Shinbyu ceremonies in Myanmar

Nyan was excited as he dressed in the clothes of a prince for his Shinbyu ceremony. At 11 years of age, his family had finally saved enough money for him to spend a week at the Buddhist monastery. This event, which usually takes place in March, during school holidays, is the most important tradition for Buddhist families in Myanmar. Sending a son to the monastery for the first time is considered a blessing that will benefit the whole family and be a spiritual gift that will last a lifetime.

Everyone came out to watch Nyan parade to the most important pagoda in the village. Riding on a horse, he followed his parents around the Buddha statue. His mother carried a box with the white robes he would wear at the monastery. Later, Nyan’s hair would be shaved and kept in a cloth for his parents, and he would be formally accepted as a novice, observing the monastery rules and studying Buddhist scripture while he was there. But first – there would be a feast! 

Buddhism is practiced by approximately 90% of the people of the Myanmar and has the highest number of monks in terms of the proportion of the population of any country. 


Pray for Buddhist parents in Myanmar to know the good gifts that their Heavenly Father has for them and their children. (MATTHEW 7:7-11). 

Parts of Myanmar have seen ongoing conflict between different religious groups. Pray for peace and reconciliation through Christ. (COLOSSIANS 1:21-23) 

Pray a blessing on the children of Myanmar as Jesus did. (MATTHEW 19:14) 

Sourced from the Buddhist Prayer Guide

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