Day 10: Buddhists in Thailand

Nung tugged at her mother’s sleeve. “Ma, why are the monks here?” she asked. Her mom answered, “Your little brother has been sick for two weeks and the doctors don’t know why. We have asked the monks to chant for him to bring him healing.” The monks set up in the boy’s room to chant while Nung’s parents prepared gifts to give them after the ceremony. 

At the end of the chanting session, one of the monks took special string and tied it around the little boy’s wrists. He warned his parents, “Don’t break or cut the strings, or let him break them. They will keep his spirit safe in his body while he recovers from his illness. The boy’s parents then formally offered the gifts to the monks in thanks for their services. 

Nung’s brother recovered slowly. She was very happy when he could finally run and play with her as usual. Until primary schools were provided by the state, the only place for boys like Nung’s brother to receive early education was at the village temple. It is still common for many boys to become ordained and serve as a Buddhist monk for a few years before returning to secular life. 


Pray for boldness for Thai Christians to pray for Buddhist friends or family members when they are sick. Ask God to heal in response to these prayers. (LUKE 9:6) 

Pray for ongoing efforts in Thailand to improve access to healthcare and education in rural areas. (2 CORINTHIANS 9:8-10) 

Pray for young men serving as Buddhist monks in Thailand to find Christ on their journey. (MATTHEW 7:8) 

Sourced from the Buddhist Prayer Guide

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