Bollywood is the massive Indian movie industry that started in Bombay (now called Mumbai) in the 1930s. It currently produces between 1,500 and 2,000 movies a year in a number of Indian languages. In terms of volume, Bollywood is the largest movie producer in the world and generates the largest number of ticket sales.

Over the years, several classic genres have emerged from Bollywood: the historical epic, the curry Western, the courtesan movie—which features beautiful cinematography and dance choreography—and the mythological theme. Through various plot structures, many of these movies display the struggle between good and evil, hero and villain. A consistent element in most of them is the incorporation of a number of music and dance sequences, which may be considered the hallmarks of a Bollywood film.

Bollywood movies are a reflection of the evolution and changes that are occurring in Indian society. Today, they usually reflect a more liberal depiction of Indian life. Javed Akhtar, a renowned Indian poet and screenwriter, aptly described the industry: “The films certainly do reflect what is happening in society. But they reflect the desires, the hopes, values, and traditions.”

But Bollywood movies are more than just a reflection of society; they also have a significant influence on the culture, which gives them the power to shape certain cultural trends. Some of Bollywood’s movies have stirred controversy because of their increasingly sexual content. These movies are very popular and provide escapist entertainment to impressionable young people, creating a standard for acceptable moral behavior that pushes traditional boundaries. Many Bollywood movies are now reaching a wider audience and are even trending in Western countries.

Diwali Day 2: Naraka Chaturdasi or “Choti Diwali”

On this day, Lord Krishna is reputed to have destroyed the demon Narakasur, freeing the world from fear. People prepare by cleansing themselves with oil, and rest so that they will be ready for the Diwali celebrations. Traditionally during this day, one stays home and does not light diyas (little oil lamps). Nowadays people go out and visit friends and family and exchange gifts and food.


  • PRAY FOR a movement among Indian movie directors and producers towards truth and goodness.
  • PRAY FOR Christian movie makers to rise up within this influential

From The Hindu World Prayer Guide

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