Stories from the Field: A Light in the Darkness

“I have been doing outreach for nearly 15 years and thought I had seen it all. Last week, I was shocked as we entered a disturbing place where young girls were held captive. We were invited in by the pimp to do HIV testing in one of the makeshift rooms they used for customers. All … Continued

The War that Finally Ends

A renewed war has been quietly waged for the last 30+ years. At first, it began as a quiet insurgence by a few “freedom fighters” unwilling to see billions of people live and die with no access to the gospel. Radicals, not accepting that so many lived in bondage to the “ruler of this world,” … Continued

The Brutal Facts

Just before Jesus ascended to heaven, he gave his disciples the task we refer to as the Great Commission: to “go into all the world,” making disciples of every people group. Ever since then, Christians have dreamed of the day when this task would be completed. Many of us connect it to Matthew 24:14, Jesus’ … Continued