As for you and your House . . .

As a team in Cambodia were preparing to return to the States, they met with the members of a team they had been coaching in reproducing discipleship in recent months. They were filled with joy over this new season God had brought them into of learning from His Word, listening to what the Holy Spirit … Continued

The Efficacy of God’s Word

Soriah sat on our back porch for a break, or so Rose assumed. She worked two days a week to help with the daily needs of running a nearby household. Rose saw that she was fighting back tears. After she called out to Soriah, Rose saw that indeed there was something big brewing. Through stifled … Continued

The “heresy” or Objections to Movements

One of the challenges that crops up from time to time is what I refer to as the ‘heresy’ or ‘wrong knowledge’ objections. It comes in a variety of forms: 1. How do you know these people are getting taught the right things, or ‘well discipled’?   2. I don’t think I’m adequately equipped to … Continued

The Power of Obedience

Asam is a former Muslim believer and follower of Jesus living out his faith in his Muslim community. It was close to harvest season, and the field corn was getting ready for the harvest. Asam cared for a field of corn along with others in the community that care for the fields surrounding his. The … Continued

Transformation from the Inside

Nur had an anger problem. Almost daily he would say degrading and vile things to his wife but on this day, he went a step further landing a few punches on his defenseless wife. In fear, she fled to her parents’ house, and the police arrested Nur. When his wife refused to press charges, the … Continued

Truths that have sustained a faith-filled ministry

As I write this article, I find myself in a medical battle for my very life and the outcome is uncertain. This has given me many hours to pause for reflection. As I’ve pondered how I’ve spent my life, and called others to spend their lives, I’ve found deep satisfaction with the path that Father … Continued

Dying Grandfather Accepts Jesus 

Kam’s grandfather, Sunan, took his position as commune leader very seriously. He worked hard for the people and never charged anyone for the work he did, although other commune leaders did. Sunan was very ill for a long time but never told anyone. He lived separately from his wife in another room where he slept … Continued

The Great Commission . . . not a job for experts only

How are you doing at making disciples? Are you teaching them to obey what Jesus commanded? These are the questions that were asked of my group a few weeks ago, as we participated in a Phase One Training Launch, held by Forefront Experience. These questions really challenged me. If I answer truthfully, I don’t really … Continued

Why Not Simple?

Before I moved to a Muslim-majority country (over two decades ago), I was on pastoral staff at a church in rural upstate New York. I knew a few families who did what they called “house church.” These families had attended our church for a while, then left. They had also left most or all of the … Continued

Spectacular in Devotion . . . Tragic in Emptiness

On any other day, Jesse might have sat next to this man in a restaurant or stood next to him in line at the grocery store. He would have been dressed in western clothes. He might have been on his way to the office where he is most likely a software programmer. While Jesse was … Continued

God of the Hills and Valleys

A Story from the Field: Dr Peters writes: “I don’t think I’ve ever cared for a patient while being watched like that before. There were so many people – you could feel the silence.  Little children, older men, young pregnant moms, and his wife, all watched silently as I set down my medical bag and … Continued

A Book Review – Dear Mom and Dad: An Adventure in Obedience

“I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener . . . He prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more . . . Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit . . . . Apart from me you can do nothing. … Continued

The Beginning of the End?

Four years later, as Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, the situation was no longer the end of the beginning. It was now the beginning of the end. The war was not over, but the end was in sight, and everyone knew it. In the U.S., in the years leading up … Continued

North Korea’s Vibrant Underground Church

North Korea is all over the news these days, but did you know that North Korea has a vibrant underground church? We’ve been given an extraordinary opportunity to head up Church Planting, for a North Korea focused, multi-organizational network. This network exists to plant indigenous, multiplying, vibrant, holistic, self-sustaining, and Christ-centered Churches, capable of reaching … Continued

Calling vs Surrender

From time to time, some will articulate the wish for missionary candidates to simply offer themselves to the agency and go wherever they are sent. This is typically viewed as a mark of spiritual maturity and surrender to Christ. In general, I don’t wholly agree with this. I suggest that you, the perspective candidate, should … Continued

Beyond Caste – Breaking the Barriers

Teaching obedience is very different from simply teaching about Jesus or about the Bible. Jesus’ final command to His disciples was to “teach them to obey [Him].” Racism in any form is unacceptable to God. Prejudice in any form, having a preconceived notion about another person, is anathema to the Gospel. Casteism is racism taken to the … Continued

Picture a Rock Being Dropped into Water

Recently at a recruiting event, an eleven year old boy strolled up to the Beyond booth with a look of curiosity in his eye. I came up to him, shook his hand, and introduced myself. He told me his name was Wyatt, and I began to ask him more about himself, as I would with … Continued

Disciple-making Movements as a Biblical, Holistic, and Radical Solution

In the mid-1980s, 24% of world’s population (1.8 billion people) had little or no Gospel access. Today, that figure has grown to 29% (2.1 billion people). Two interchangeable terms, while technically different, essentially define this population: Unreached People Groups (UPGs) — less than 2% evangelical Christians (Joshua Project). Least Evangelized Peoples (LEPs) –  with little … Continued

The Challenges of Discipling the Unreached

What are some of the questions or challenges that followers of Jesus might encounter as they seek to go and make disciples of unreached people groups?  The list might include things like: How do you decide which unreached people group to focus on?   What do you do when learning a new language is HARD, … Continued

Closure is not a Biblical term

Yes, it’s shocking: nowhere in the Bible will you find the term “closure.” Nor will you find the phrase “finish the Great Commission.” Nor will you find the number “2%.” You will not find “unreached” or “unevangelized” or “unengaged.” Moreover, you will not find “missionary” or “contextualization” or “chronological Bible storying” or “orality” or “Bible … Continued

Stories from the Field: A Light in the Darkness

“I have been doing outreach for nearly 15 years and thought I had seen it all. Last week, I was shocked as we entered a disturbing place where young girls were held captive. We were invited in by the pimp to do HIV testing in one of the makeshift rooms they used for customers. All … Continued

The War that Finally Ends

A renewed war has been quietly waged for the last 30+ years. At first, it began as a quiet insurgence by a few “freedom fighters” unwilling to see billions of people live and die with no access to the gospel. Radicals, not accepting that so many lived in bondage to the “ruler of this world,” … Continued

The Brutal Facts

Just before Jesus ascended to heaven, he gave his disciples the task we refer to as the Great Commission: to “go into all the world,” making disciples of every people group. Ever since then, Christians have dreamed of the day when this task would be completed. Many of us connect it to Matthew 24:14, Jesus’ … Continued