The Quiet Guy Disappeared

In 2018, Sanjay and John, national partners of BEYOND’s South Asian field leaders, conducted a series of disciple-making trainings in Northern India. One of the participants was a man named Satish. He was a quiet person. He listened intently to the discussions but didn’t say much. He was not the kind of man that many people noticed. 

The trainings occurred monthly. After eight or nine months, Satish disappeared. Sanjay and John didn’t know why, but knew that this happens sometimes. People return to their home state or move to find work.

Then, in early 2019, Satish suddenly reappeared at a training event. And he had a testimony to share. He had indeed been home (he is from one of the poorest states in India), but not for work. He had gone home to share with his people all he had learned in the Bible through Sanjay and John’s trainings. In all his years as a Christian, no one had ever told him that, as a disciple of Jesus, Matthew 28 was his to obey. He had never heard that making disciples of Jesus is not only for paid professionals. 

Satish had been so overjoyed to learn this truth that he’d decided to go home and share the good news with his family and neighbors. He couldn’t believe it, however, when no one seemed interested in listening. He even asked one pastor, “Who will lead your church if you die suddenly? What will happen to your work?” The man had no answer. Did no one care that Jesus’ commands are for all of us — not just a few? 

Then Satish met Krish. He was thrilled when Krish wanted to hear more. Soon, the two men were partnering together. Krish is a truck driver. He and Satish began traveling through their district village by village, proclaiming the Kingdom (Luke 10) as they went. They began to see fruit. Along the way, Satish learned Krish’s story (read Krish’s story here). Read Krish’s miraculous story

To date, Satish and Krish have had the privilege of seeing churches birthed in three different districts in their home state. Those churches are birthing new churches. In one area, they have already reproduced to the fifth generation! 

Disciples are formed through obedience, and we make disciples by teaching them to obey Christ. What is a disciple? Is there a difference between converts and disciples? Join us on March 19th for our free, online Nugget training titled “What are we Reproducing: Converts or Disciples?” 

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The Goal of Every Trip is Simple: Discipleship

Journeys into the Tazig region of the Tibetan Himalayas are purposeful. The ultimate goal of every trip is simple: discipleship. The Tazig team disciples people to Christ. This means that non-believers are in a discipleship process even before they choose to follow Christ. This process has many facets. The team evangelizes as they share Christ with people who have never heard of him. They follow up with those who are not yet believers but are being drawn (discipled) to Christ, and they disciple current believers and leaders. 

As they meet with people, the team looks for opportunities to share a testimony or a story from Scripture. One unique opportunity arose with their teammate *Pema’s younger brother. On their previous trip, Pema told his whole family that he was a believer. He shared his testimony and why he chose to follow Christ. While they weren’t enthusiastic about him becoming a follower of Jesus, they did not reject him. The whole team was excited for the opportunities Pema would have to share with his family. 

When they arrived in Pema’s village, the team was well-received by his family, especially by Pema’s brother Rinchen and his wife. They took care of them, fed them, and had them practically swimming in tea! For two days, Pema shared more of the gospel message with his brother and sister-in-law. 

*Rinchen and his family’s discipleship is just beginning. Just before Christmas, Rinchen traveled to spend time with Pema. He heard the Christmas story several times and began a discovery Bible study with his brother. Unfortunately, Rinchen’s trip was cut short, and they were not able to get through the whole set of Scriptures. Please pray that the truth planted in Rinchen’s heart will take root, that opportunity for further discipleship will not be long in coming, and that Pema’s whole family would be saved and become the first family from their valley to follow Christ together.

*pseudonyms used

“I Look Them in the Eyes and Pray . . .”

Hannah* is in lockdown in the Muslim nation in which she lives. Just like us, COVID-19 has her cooped up for much of the week. From the first day of the nation’s lockdown, however, Hannah has felt the Spirit leading her to intentionally engage with the shopkeepers and restaurant people she encounters when she goes out.

“I specifically ask how they are doing,” Hannah reports. “I ask if they are feeling fearful or stressed, then I pray for them or bless them right away. So far, every single shopkeeper and restaurant worker I’ve talked with has expressed a lot of fear and stress. For some, it’s fear for their livelihood as their businesses suffer while rent and expenses haven’t gone down. For most, it’s the fear of getting sick. In a time when we are supposed to stay home and away from others, they are the ones interacting with the greatest number of people every day. They are afraid of bringing the virus home to their families.

“I look them in the eyes, and I pray for them. ‘Father God, protect this woman who is serving her community every single day in this scary time and protect her family. Please keep them healthy and give her the strength to serve her community.’ Sometimes I pray a verse over them; Psalms 34:6 and 46:1 cover a wide range of fears. Other times I bless them: ‘Father God, bless this man and his whole family with your peace. Provide them with everything they need and give them your joy instead of fear.’

“After I pray for them or bless them, they seem relieved. Someone sees them, sees their anxiety and fear, sees that they are risking not only their own health but also their family’s health in order to serve the community. They are so thankful to have someone pray for them. My prayer is that the Lord will turn their relief and gratitude into a desire to know Him.”

We, your BEYOND team, would love to have the privilege of pray with you during this time. Please reach out to us at or call us toll-free at 888-847-6950.

*pseudonyms used