Lessons in Obedience

Dear Mom and Dad: An Adventure in Obedience by R.Rekedal Smith

R.R. Smith poured her heart out in letters to her parents during the years she and her family lived in India. Honest confessions. Personal fears. Family joys. A mighty God. Her honest descriptions of her walk with Jesus inflame hope for what God can do when ordinary people simply obey His commands.

The Smiths moved to India one week before 9/11. Over the course of the next several years, they learned a new language, endured illness, laughed their way through freak accidents, and hungered for fruit from among the lost. When they finally changed their ministry strategies to ones utilized by the apostle Paul and Jesus Himself, the resulting numbers surprised everyone. It all started with an honest evaluation of what it means to obey.

RR Smith Book

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A powerful testimony of how God works through our obedience. – Travis 

No fancy sermons, no posh church buildings, no Western cultural grid to copy. You will be amazed and delighted by the insights shared in this little book. – Ginger

The Discovery Bible study process of making disciples is clearly explained and the joyous results are a delight to read about. – SheCheck

I have loved reading this book! I laughed out loud, and cried several times, I read sections out loud to my family. The books starts out with really great stories of moving overseas and learning to live in India.  As I continued to read, I felt like I was both witness to what Jesus is able to accomplish in India and being instructed in what it looks like to follow Jesus myself. – Manga