Your prayers for Muslims over the 30 days of Ramadan have mattered! Though Ramadan came to a close this week, we ask that you would keep our missions catalysts who serve unreached Muslims and their work of making Jesus followers in your prayers.
The following is a small glimpse into the work of some Beyonders working among Muslim people groups.

  • The E family hosts eight-week accountability groups that have seen young people share the good news of Isa al Masih with family and friends. They ask for prayer that many of them would affirm their calling as fellow Disciple Making Movement (DMM) implementers to their own communities.
  • Thirty-one people joined a DMM training led by the M family. They learned practical methods to share their faith and were invited to join groups where they could have community and accountability as they put these tools into action. The M family asks that we pray for them to come so that many Muslims will become followers of Jesus.
  • Two trips are planned to places where whole communities have never once met a Christian. M asks us to pray that these communities of Muslims would see Jesus in the travelers and be drawn to Him. M also asks that a recent DMM training would produce twelve new Discovery Bible Groups (DBS) among Muslims.
  • Flooding has been a devastating issue for many Muslim families where the A family lives. Physical help with food has opened many doors for the A family to introduce Christ to their Muslim neighbors. Pray that God will open many hearts. The A family are also walking with a couple who are grieving the path of their 14-year-old (he is now in his second round of rehab). Please pray for this Muslim family as the A family share how God has carried them through difficult times.
  • B is relatively new to being a missionary and has recently given her first four-day DMM training to 15 fellow workers dedicated to reaching Muslims. Please pray that God would lead them to People of Peace and for strong movements to be birthed among their people group.
  • T asks that a refugee sister, “Nancy,” would become open to being a doorway to her people, a conduit to making disciples. Perhaps she is the partner for whom T has been praying for many years. T asks for wisdom and discernment from God for herself and “Nancy.”

This compilation isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what God is doing through Beyond among Muslims. There is so much more! We are passionate about reaching all unreached people groups and seeing Jesus’ command -to make disciples of all nations- fulfilled.

Now that you have spent the last 30 days praying for the Muslim world, would you go a step further and prayerfully consider supporting our work among Muslims?