The Cross in the Store

A large cross is displayed in Mr. Li’s* store. It’s a bold move in a country where following Jesus can bring persecution. In suitable moments, he shares his faith with customers. 

Matt* wanted to know Mr. Li better, to encourage him, and to impart some tools that would help Mr. Li become a multiplying disciple-maker, so he invited Mr. Li to his home.

Matt gave him a series of Bible stories chosen to help people learn who Christ Jesus is and what he has done for them. He showed Mr. Li how to read over the stories and then ask questions designed to lead seekers into a relationship with Christ and help them immediately share the truths they learn with others. 

Matt warned Mr. Li of the potential restrictions and persecution that could occur if he pursued this approach. But when asked if he wanted to learn how Jesus made followers that made more followers, Mr. Li agreed eagerly and without hesitation.

“I was so encouraged to hear his story,” Matt says.  “and to know his desire to understand and apply Jesus’ principles to make followers, no matter the suffering he might have to endure.” When they meet again, Matt plans to take Mr. Li through a simple training on making disciples that multiply. 


Isa (Jesus) Sent You Here

While looking for people of peace, a local team met Mrs. Nuri.* After chatting for a bit, she told the team that she used to work as a dukun (shaman).  

In Indonesian culture, especially in rural villages, people commonly go to a spiritual healer if someone is sick or suffering from a prolonged or difficult illness. These dukuns exercise spiritual power and often have demonic manifestations.  

It soon became clear that Mrs. Nuri had allowed demonic influences into her life. But when our team entered her house, she acknowledged that the Spirit of the Lord was on them.  

They shared some stories with Mrs. Nuri and talked about the power and hope they have in Jesus. As the team left, Mrs. Nuri invited them to come back the following week.  

When they returned, they shared stories from the Bible illustrating the power in Jesus’ name and the freedom His followers have. Mrs. Nuri admitted that she had seen Isa (Jesus) in a dream when she was younger. “Yes,” she agreed, “it seems like Isa sent you here.” 

Would you please pray for Mrs. Nuri? She is afraid of persecution from her community if she were to become a follower of Jesus. Pray that Mrs.Nuri would accept the Truth and experience freedom in Him, and that her whole community would come to know Isa through this influential woman.



No Sign of Christmas

Christmas of 2020 was different for many of us. It was for *Charlie and *Sarah too. They had recently moved to a new country to serve God through BEYOND

The tropical heat and humidity were unusual, but the thing that stood out most significantly was the lack of any signs of the Christmas season. 

“It really grieved my heart,” Sarah shares. “It was almost as if Christ had not come. There was no celebration, no acknowledgment that He came, that there is victory over death, that our sins have been redeemed, that He reconciled us to the Father.”

Yes, over two billion people in the world still live in darkness — as if Jesus never graced the earth with His presence. 

We rejoice that Jesus came to reconcile us to our Father and that, through the faithful obedience of thousands of disciples, tens of thousands are celebrating their first Christmas this year. But so many still need to hear the Good News.

You can help bring the Light of the World to the darkest places.