“. . . What Would Jesus Want You to Do?”

“I am Lin*; I come from [a large city in Asia]; I am seventeen.”  

Lightning fast, Lin rattled off his introduction before the other students. At first, Matt*, the Discovery Bible study facilitator, thought Lin was joking. He soon came to realize that speaking quickly was just one of Lin’s unique characteristics.

That night as the group discussed Jesus’ last supper and the first Communion, Lin was a chatterbox. He made the discussion very challenging with constant interruptions and sarcastic comments. “So, his body is wheat.” “That’s disgusting [to eat Jesus’ body]!” Though later Matt learned that others were able to understand the Scripture passage, Lin’s mocking made it very difficult for everyone to participate fully. 

In the end, however, Matt felt Lin made a profound statement in response to the question: “If this is true, what does Jesus want you to do?” 

Lin answered: “Jesus wants me to eat his body and drink his blood for the forgiveness of my sins.” 

Please pray that God would take the seed sown and produce fruit beyond what we could ask or imagine. Pray that these students would have ears to hear his words and hearts to obey them.


Sharing the Gospel with Hindus

Reaching out to Hindus with the love of Jesus requires some understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities they present. Here is some guidance as to things to consider when sharing the gospel with Hindus.

1. Offer Jesus’ forgiveness:  Bakht Singh, an evangelist and Indian convert from Hinduism, said, “I have never yet failed to get a hearing if I talk to [Hindus] about forgiveness of sins and peace and rest in your heart.” Since the Hindu system is based on karma, forgiveness is not available to Hindus.

2. Keep God’s personhood in mind: A personal God is able to empathize with and respond to our suffering, something an impersonal ultimate essence (Brahman) is unable to do. Hindus need to know that a personal, fulfilling relationship with a holy and loving God is available to them.

3. Ask and listen: Hinduism is a very tolerant religion because of its widely diverse beliefs, so it is important to listen to your Hindu friend’s particular beliefs about God, sin, salvation and so forth. You will probably hear the word “enlightenment”, the Hindu version of salvation—you may want to discuss with your friend the difference between salvation based on human effort versus that based on God’s grace and forgiveness.

4. Be humble: Because of their sacrificial lifestyle, Hindus often consider themselves spiritually superior to Christians. Humbly share your life with them and let them see the peace and love your relationship with God gives you.

5. Focus on Jesus: Even Mahatma Gandhi said, “I shall say to the Hindus that your lives will be incomplete unless you reverently study the teachings of Jesus.” Encourage your Hindu friend to discover Jesus for themselves, and to read the New Testament, particularly Luke or John.

6. Be aware of differing definitions: Be especially careful of the term “born again”. To a Hindu this means reincarnation, something from which they want to be liberated.

(Adapted from Hinduism: A Religion Profile by International Students, Inc.)

Pleading with God for the Privilege

Here is a message from Brad, a faithful friend and supporter of the work of BEYOND:

“It is a privilege to partner with BEYOND as they work to spread the gospel throughout the unreached world. I have supported BEYOND for many years through prayer, professional IT work, and financial giving.

“Personally, I invest in world missions in obedience to God’s word but also because of the law of sowing and reaping and God’s love of a cheerful giver. 

“Participating in the work of the gospel spreads the good news beyond the faithful to the world. The role of the messenger — the “herald” — is the primary means God uses to spread the gospel of the Kingdom to the entire world.

“My point is that the herald is most worthy of support in the Christian world. Paul wrote that God chose the preaching of the gospel, mere foolishness to the world, as the mysterious and powerful way to save the world.

“At the end of my life, I hope to be counted among those who pleaded with God (2 Corinthians 8:3-4) for the privilege of generously supporting God’s messengers and His work in the world.”

We are very grateful to Brad and his wife Susan . . . and to YOU.  Thank you for all the ways you support BEYOND, reaching the Unreached. 

The Rich, OLD Ruler

You’ve heard the story of the rich young ruler from Mark 10. North India also has a “rich ruler.” He isn’t young, though, which makes  it even harder to “sell everything.” Elders in India have standing. And this man has been a pastor for years! 

Recently a young newlywed couple moved into his area, having little or no social standing. But they didn’t let that stop them. They kept talking to the pastor about being disciples of Jesus, really following Him, and teaching others to do the same. The pastor was fascinated by their excitement. They had personal stories of miracles and of whole families getting baptized together! 

The “rich old ruler” had a choice to make: keep all he had and walk away, or sell all and follow. He chose to “sell all.” He humbled himself and began learning from the younger couple. The three of them are now a disciple-making team, bearing fruit among the lost. Whole households are giving their allegiance to Jesus. This “rich old ruler” was willing to lose his life for Jesus’ sake, and now he has truly found it.

Pray that new disciples quickly learn to love and obey Jesus, surrendering all, so his living water can flow through them to others.

They Had Plans but God Had Better Plans . . .

Natalie* and Sue hosted an online prayer time with local believers. Amil and Zara, a husband and wife, joined them. They chatted for a few minutes before turning to prayer. After several minutes, Zara and Amil indicated that another man, Hami, was with them when they asked the ladies to pray for his daughter. They did so, then invited Hami to pray as well.

At this point, Natalie and Sue discovered that Hami was not a follower and had no idea what they had been talking about or praying for. He began to ask questions about the Word, saying he needed to understand everything about their faith! They talked for about an hour. Natalie and Sue mentioned several passages for them to read together.

The next day Zara texted them about what had happened. Zara, Amil, and Hami had continued discussing spiritual things, and Hami took home a copy of the Word. He had read until 6 am, unable to put it down. 

Natalie and Sue had plans for an evening of prayer, but let their plans go. God had better plans in store! Pray for Hami as he absorbs the Word of God. Pray God opens his mind to understand the Scriptures. (Luke 24:45)