Be Patient . . .

Standing for two hours in the bitter cold was not what *Erden had envisioned for his night. After all, he had been invited to come back and share more Bible stories with *Yul’s family. Frankly, Erden wanted to give up, but he felt God telling him, “Be patient.” To pass the time, Erden reflected on the training he was receiving from *Stephen, a Beyond movement catalyst, and how his homework had gotten him here in the first place.

The training was on Jesus’ greatest command: love God with all your heart, and be a witness to that love by talking about it at all times, seeking those interested in knowing more about Him. The students’ homework had been to put into practice the simple strategies they had learned by going into the local community, sharing stories of what God had recently done in their lives with three or four non-believers. If that person wanted to hear more, they were asked to gather family and friends the following night so they could listen to the “God stories” as well.

The night before, Erden had been excited when Yul, a restaurant owner, had invited him back to share more stories with himself and his family. But tonight, while Erden had waited outside for the restaurant to shut down, he felt Yul had been ignoring him. Finally, Yul had come over to him and said, “I will take you to my son’s house.” Together they went to the son’s house, but after waiting outside for an hour, there was no sign of Yul’s son. Erden prayed about what to do:

“Be patient.”

Before long, Yul spoke up, “I will bring you to my brother’s house instead.” When they arrived, Yul’s brother and his wife welcomed them inside. As they started talking, the three men realized they had grown up in the same village! Yul’s brother even remembered Erden’s childhood nickname and what a naughty boy he had been. Erden shared how God had changed his life and told them there were many more stories of God changing people’s lives in the Bible.

All three were open to hearing the stories. Erden started with Genesis chapter one and did a Discovery Bible story with them. The family was so eager to learn that they did Genesis two as well. As the night was drawing to a close, Erden asked, “If these stories are true, what do you need to do differently in your lives?” Yul was the first to reply, “If God really loves us, then I need to love myself too.” He decided to stop getting drunk, and start taking better care of himself. His brother said, “I will make a decision to trust God.” The brother’s wife said, “I will pray to God to heal my sickness, and trust God. Will you pray for me?” Erden did, of course, and after the prayer, they all agreed that they needed to continue reading the Bible together!

Erden was so excited with what happened by merely doing his homework that he now has a vision of starting a house church in each village of his country.

Praise God with us that during this five-day training at least 8-10 new DBS groups started in this remote area near Siberia.


  • Pray that these students would continue to apply their training, grow in the Word, and eagerly witness to those around them by sharing stories of God’s love.
  • Pray for Erden as he seeks to implement his vision, bringing God’s glory to his country.


No More Searching, They Seek Us Out

A few months ago, Tahir* and three other Followers of Isa al Masih (Jesus the Messiah) were sitting together when Ustad Khan (an Ustad is one who preaches Islam) confronted Tahir. In a stern voice, the Ustad asked, “What is this video about?” Somehow he had gotten his hands on Tahir’s phone and had seen a video of the baptism of five new Followers.

Tahir was initially taken aback as he had meant to erase that particular video. Usually, this type of encounter brought a fair amount of apprehension; but not this time. Joy and peace filled Tahir’s heart as he began to share his experiences with God.

“I have been searching for the way to salvation for 15 years. I have been part of Jihad for years, and many of my brothers have died in the process. Mohamed gave us his life as a guide to bring us to Jihad and promises the 70 Virgins. But Isa al Masih gave his life as the sacrifice to give us the way to salvation and heaven. He is the Kalimatullah (The Word of God)—the Quran tells us this. And the Kitab (Bible) tells us His words. God’s words flow out of His mouth. We follow Isa al Masih because he is the Straight Path. These young men were not forced to (be baptized). They decided to do this on their own. It is a step of obedience as they choose to be a Follower of Isa al Masih—it is the Label/Sign/Seal of a Follower of Isa.”

Ustad Khan had nothing to say in reply to Tahir’s testimony and, sadly, has not yet become a Follower of Christ. Nevertheless, God has been moving in the community! One of Ustad Khan’s friends, a fellow Muslim preacher, heard the Good News, chose to follow Isa al Masih and was himself recently baptized!

But that’s not all!

For many years Followers have been praying for the “local commander” of the area. Commander Doud is the head of the local Muslim militia to which all males belong. He has defended the Followers in the past because he has witnessed their loving lifestyle. Still, his powerful position has resulted in some fear among the Followers. Recently Commander Doud approached Tahir and asked him very seriously, “Why haven’t you started a group sharing these stories from the Kitab with me?”

Excitedly, Tahir shared all these things with his mentor, Kyle, a Beyond movement catalyst saying, “Brother, we have been pushing ourselves to go out and search for possible People Of Peace, but now they are searching for us!”

  • Please be praying that Ustad Khan and Commander Doud will receive the Good News and become Followers of Isa al Masih.
  • Pray for Kyle, Tahir, and all the Followers as it is still dangerous to share Christ where they live. Pray that they would continue to shine Isa al Masih’s peace, love and grace in the midst of a fearful and sometimes violent cultural context.
  • Pray that they will constantly be listening to the Holy Spirit, ready to follow His lead at all times so that a Movement will break out among these people.


Make Disciples of ALL Nations

Though often overlooked, “all” is a compelling word referring “to the whole quantity or extent.” It is a word Jesus used in commissioning His Bride, the Church: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations (“ethne”-people groups), baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.”

Of course, “all” includes people groups which are difficult to reach. Perhaps you can think of regions around the world which are harder to gain access to for one reason or another.

There is a country in East Asia, which, according to Open Doors, has been the number one most dangerous country in which to be a Christian for 18 years in a row. God, however, is raising up a team that spans many nationalities and agencies to reach these loved people. Together they are creating and implementing plans to reach all people from this nation.

Presently, the team is sharing the gospel with those who were able to escape the regime and live elsewhere. They are teaching them to reach their own people, who have also left, and start their own house churches. By teaching them the skills to reproduce evangelism, reproduce leaders, and reproduce house churches, they can reach everyone like themselves, who have also left this country. When the country begins to open (whether slowly or catastrophically), they will all return to their families and villages, bringing the love and truth of Christ with them. Having been taught simple, reproducible models of house church, they will plant churches, everywhere they go.

The vision isn’t just to reach some of these people, it’s a challenge to reach ‘all’ of them. Some may choose to look at the obstacles and the politics, and say ‘it’s impossible.’ Others, however, will stand as Caleb did, believing they will be saved, simply because God promised that one day, ‘all’ peoples would be standing before his throne. If we believe God’s promise, we are assured God will make a way for them.


  • Pray with us for these new believers as they process through their experiences and move into wholeness in Christ.
  • Pray for more laborers who would join this team.
  • Pray as they learn how to evangelize, disciple their peers, and plant churches that plant churches for the glory of God.
  • Pray that God would open doors in their country that no man can shut.
  • And pray that all living in the dark would soon get to embrace the Light of the World.